Military moving

As active duty military, you get the wonderful pleasure of having the opportunity to move 3 times more than the average civilian.  Woooohooo…. cause who doesn’t like moving right?  Regardless of whether you are in the army, marines, navy, or air force, there are some commons steps that you’ll want to take when you receive your next orders.  The military will move your things for you, or you can opt for a Personally Procured Move (PPM Move), which used to be known as a DITY Move (do-it-yourself move).  In this case, the military will pay you 95% of the costs of what it would have been to move you, also known as a dislocation allowance.  That leaves you free to find your own movers, pocket the money, or do whatever you want…. as long as you get your stuff to the new location in time.  Now, there are a tone of forms, counseling, and must-do’s you need to be aware of.  Move mil is a website that has all the proper forms and regulations that you need to know.


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Cheap Dallas Moving Companies & Where To Find Them

There are many steps you need to take before you can decide on which Dallas moving company to move forward with. To make a truly informed choice you need to compare all of the moving companies so write down the names of each company and review them carefully by first going to their website and assessing the overall professionalism of the website. Does this look like a website that would belong to a professional moving company? If you hesitated with the answer then this is not the right mover for you.

When you have gathered the name of all the professional moving companies in DFW, you should visit their Facebook page and look for the comments made by people who hired them. While some people like to save the “testimonials” for last from our extensive experience it is better to get rid of the movers who are not suitable now so you can focus your energies screening the more suitable DFW moving companies. If you are not able to find enough information on Facebook you should try using the search engines and typing in the name of the moving company you are screening. After you have conducted this search you will have all of the information you need to select the most suitable moving companies.

Looking Beyond The Price Being Quoted! Especially in Texas.

After you have the names of the most reputable moving companies in the area you should make it a top priority to get quotes from all of them. The quote has to clearly state how much is being charged and what the moving company will and will not do. Also you should have remedies included in the quote. These “remedies” will protect both you and the moving company from any potential misunderstandings in the future. When it comes time to make a deposit or pay for the work being done always use either a credit card or a check, if you used cash the company could turn around and say they were never paid but it is hard to argue with a check or credit card receipt. If you apply all of these tips you should be able to select the right moving company.

Georgetown, TX moving companies

So, the time came for us to gather up some of the best moving companies in the state of Texas.  There are a lot of companies competing for the coveted mark of best Austin moving company, but we had to head a little farther north of Austin to see what was going on at Mustang Movers.  Their North Austin moving services company has a great online reputation.  Their customer service is equally matching in their online reviews.  Their website lists that they service North Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, and surrounding areas.  They’re definitely worth a phone call to see how much a moving quote would be for your next move.  Give them a shout here: Mustang Movers – Georgetown moving service.

March Moving Tips

The summer moving season is just around the corner and thousands of people will be embarking on a housing change.  Oh how wonderful moving would be…. if you didn’t actually have to move all of your stuff.  There’s so many great things about finding a new house that you love, or falling in love with a new neighborhood.  But… boxes, tape, and heavy stuff…. NO THANK YOU!  Moving is a pleasurable experience when you leave the heavy lifting to the pros!  We spoke with Mustang Movers in Texas, and their number one moving tip for the summer moving season was to plan ahead, and keep organized with lists.  We have to agree!  Lists make all the difference when it comes to packing boxes, and finding your stuff after the boxes have been moved.

Stay organized! Have fun! Don’t let your next move get you down!

Austin Texas Relocation Guide

Moving to Austin!  Let the adventure begin.  Austin is currently one of the fastest growing cities in the country and thousands of people are moving here daily.  But, where does that leave you, the Austin Newcomer…. lost, confused, and unsure of where to turn?  Check out this Austin TX relocation guide and discover helpful tips for Living In Austin TX as well as some of Austins best movers.


Affordable San Antonio Movers – Best In The Biz

We recently had a regular viewer recommend a moving company to us that we thought would be worthwhile to dig deeper and find out what is driving their business model.  At GreatMovingCompanies, we get dozens of recommendations every day for companies to review, but the rave review we received regarding Apple Moving San Antonio stood head and shoulders above the rest.  It is one thing to overly praise a moving company, but this review praised all aspects of the moving process, from start to finish.  Stay tuned for the full report and analytic breakdown.  For now, I think it is safe to say that these guys are simply the best San Antonio movers you’ll find.  Read their rave reviews on Yelp, Google places, or BBB.


Affordable, Reliable, & Quality Austin Movers

It’s that beautiful time of year again in the capital of Texas.  The water is warming up, the days are getting longer, and people are packing up their apartments and moving to new homes…. Yep, its summertime in Austin!  The months of June, July, and August are the busiest months out of the year for moving companies and thus it is all the more important to make sure you schedule your movers far enough in advance to reserve a spot.  Knowing who to trust when it comes to finding the right moving company is an important question to ask.  Have confidence knowing that Apple Moving is one of the best Austin’s Best Movers.  When it comes time to find a mover you can trust, give Apple Austin Movers a call and know that you are hiring the best.


Searching instead for a specialized Austin Piano Moving Company?  Apple Moving can help you with that too!  Get the best Austin movers today!

Cheap Great Interstate Movers

Trying to find the best cheap national moving companies can be a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  But, the good news is that there are online services that help make your moving transition easier.  With the help of these expert mover guides, you can find cheaper movers, better service, and never sacrifice the quality.  Start your relocation to a new home, apt, or condo the right way and save money. Don’t risk your precious cargo for a cross country move in a Uhaul rental truck.  Get pro Holiday El Paso Movers to ship your belongings. Trust the best & cheapest El Paso Moving COmpany.

Moving Companies For Long Distance Moves

No two moves are ever alike.  Regardless of whether you are moving down the street or across the country, the moving process is likely going to be complicated and time consuming.  However, extra complications arise with interstate moves and finding the right long distance moving companies reviews is vitally important to ensure a painfree moving experience.

The first and most obvious thing to consider would be the price you have to pay.  Movers like to tack on additional fees for things like packaging, boxes, additional steps, elevators, stairs, toll roads, weight-load bridges, and anything else you can think of.  All things equal, you’d obviously want to choose the lowest price… but as you’re more than aware, everything is never equal.  Help cut down on the headache by getting free moving quotes online at the beginning of the search process.  Another way to save is to buy your moving boxes online.

Since things are not always equal, we need to compare quality.  The best way to go about comparing quality of the long move company distance is to check online for their prior reviews to get a feel for the reputation they have.  Much can be gained by reading first-hand insights of others that have used the services before. For great rates on long distance moving – website

In closing, remember that it is not ALWAYS about cost.  Make sure to compare your cross country movers by both price and quality.

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Also, look at this Austin Storage and moving service. They have been serving the Austin area for a long time and Aloha has hundreds of happy customers.